Tatiara Art Prize

9 October - 24 November 2017

2017 Winner


Anna Horne is a South Australian artist exploring materiality, process and the transience of the physical world through the field of sculpture. 

Horne’s work references the domestic and architectural space by utilising industrial and commonplace materials. Through a rigorous studio regime of experimentation. Horne re-examines and plays with the order of functional materials within the context of contemporary art. She employs methods of casting and assemblage; combining industrial materials such as concrete, metal and styrofoam with found items beach balls, plastic bags and wine sacks to create sculptures exploring ideas of tension, contradiction and balance. Through the forces and oppositions in Horne’s art practice she produces sculptures contending between light and heavy, soft and hard, familiar and strange.


Black #2 is the second in a series of sculptural compositions exploring ideas around contrast and balance. The sculpture consists of a black hard-edged steel frame and taut rope; wedged between the two is a seemingly soft concrete form. These combined forms makeup an asymmetrical composition playing with balance and gravity. The process of making was to cast concrete coloured with black oxide into a donut shaped mould made from sewen flexible plastic table cloth. An interesting visual effect occurs when a heavy material, like concrete, appears soft and floppy while replicating the shiny plastic surface. The sculpture is both light and heavy, soft and hard, familiar and strange.


In 2008 Horne graduated with an Honours degree from the Adelaide Central School. Since she has exhibited frequently in local and interstate galleries including Fontanelle (SA), FELTspace, GAG Projects (SA), CACSA (SA), Firstdraft (NSW) and BUS Projects (VIC). Horne has been involved in Arts SA public art projects and attended international residencies in India (Helpmann Academy) and South Korea (Asialink). She has been a finalist in the Viscopy John Fries Award and The Churchie emerging art prize.

Horne currently lives and works in Adelaide from Fontanelle Studio in Port Adelaide.  



43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268

Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm