43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268



On the Dark Side

Freehand machine embroidery

102 x 78



Cheryl is a multifaceted artist who is best known for her unique freehand embroidery technique she describes as drawing with her sewing machine. With dexterity and fluidity she uses only the needle and thread much as an artist would use a pencil, she creates tactile, expressive visual narratives reflecting her daily life, world events and dreams. A labour intensive technique, it is immediate and spontaneous but leaves little room for error. Her challenge as an artist has been how to simulate the textures; emotions and the realism of the real and dream world on fabric with thread and stitch. She is fine art trained, but a self-taught embroiderer, so she has developed her own personal style and techniques, which continues to evolve. Cheryl honors a challenge that she set that she would not use aids, any computers, cameras, projectors, printers or paint; nothing touches the canvas but the needle and stitch.

On The Dark Side is a symbolic self-portrait that continues to explore her personal journey to communicate emotional experiences in this uneasy world. It reflects on the contradiction facing women today, the push to remain feminine whilst living in a hostile world. Using traditional female stitch, this detailed artwork fuses & interweaves innocence, romance and sensual femininity (flowers) with the darker side of social issues. Humanized birds a common symbol in my art adds a touch of playful whimsy, flying free to escape adversity and creates mischievous contradictions just like in my dreams.