43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268



June Rains

Acrylic & charcoal on canvas 

91 x 91



Painting and printmaking are the key to my secret garden, a place where I am happy, content, comfortable and carefree. I love solitude. I am happy in my own company. Perhaps others can see that reflected in my paintings.


Even as a child, I was excited and fascinated by the works of Drysdale, Olsen, Pugh, Williams. They showed me that the landscape could be expressed in a simpler, contemporary way. I dreamed of being like them. I spent hours, hidden in my bedroom, copying their work when I was meant to be doing homework.


I'm not a realist painter. I paint intuitively and use colour, mark-making, space and texture to create an image of landscape for the viewer. I begin a work with a big house brush and free mark-making. Then the picture goes its own way. The images are spontaneously arrived at rather than planned. The process is everything. This is what continues to inspire and excite me. There is no message. i continually move lines, add marks, wipe out, reduce, drip and scrape and sometimes turn the picture upside down on sideways.


My memory of the natural and rural landscape is always by my side.