Challenge #3​:

En Passant

We know that creating an artwork by yourself can be a particuarly daunting task, so in May we are throwing the challenge out - help us recreate ONE section of En Passant by Leo Smaniotto (pictured above) - from our collection. 

We've split this work into 11 sections - all you have to do is choose a section and recreate it however you want (just do it the size we need). Let us know which section you would like to have a go at creating - we'll send you a close up. Get in quick, your section may go fast. 

When you are finished re-creating your section, send it back to us so we can put it back together. You can send us your artwork by taking a good picture and emailing it to, drop it at the Gallery at 43 Woolshed Street, Bordertown or send it to us at PO Box 346, Bordertown 5268.

Please get it back to us by the end of May. 

About Leo Smaniotto

Leo Smaniotto spent the first 55 years of his life in and around Broken Hill, where he learnt and practised a variety of skills relating to working and exploring the land (he actually worked a Mining Engineer and was an artist on the side). The memories of the bast semi-arid country along with the isolation, heat and general vastness of the environment were the inspiration for much of Smaniotto's work. 

Smaniotto is perhaps best known for the style he developed for his unique Mulgo Bill paintings. Mulga Bill'- a character from one of Bango Patterson's poems -  had an infinite number of adventures on the outback racetrack, outback pubs and at the bar with his favourite barmaid. Smaniotto believed that every painting should say something about the pioneering spirit and sense of humour of the early Australian battler. 

En Passant made it's way into the Council 's through a past Elected Member who travelled regulalry to Broken Hill and beyond. This is a particularly unusaul work for the artist who is best known for his iconic Mulga Bill paintings. 


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