43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268


James DODD 

Mill Painting (Running Rocks)

Acrylic on canvas  

140 x 100



‘Mill Painting (Running Rocks)’ is an outcome from an ongoing project in which a machine is employed as a central component of the process. Referred to as the ‘Painting Mill’, this machine is perhaps best described as something of a ‘mutant power tool’. The project can be considered in a range of contexts and invites conversations that revolve around our relationship with machines and their role within the creative realm.


In the first instance, the Painting Mill is indicative of investigations into the creative process of DIY, fixing and cobbling together that can be found in sheds and backyards. Secondly, it is often presented in a way that is somewhat performative, inviting audiences to view the actions of the machine and its operator (the artist) in a live setting. Beyond this are the painted outcomes of project. These are sometimes presented directly in association with the machine and sometimes stand alone, as is the case here.


As independent paintings these works operate within a strong sense of abstraction and mark-making that might be considered as somewhere between a machine-made and a hand-made mark. The paintings are not to be considered as having been generated by a machine, more that they are the result of the artist applying their accumulated understanding of painting, pigments and related media via an unusual tool. The compositions often lean in to a sense of landscape representation and the various ways that the artist has explored this over time.