43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268


Janelle AMOS

Driving at Dusk

Acrylic & charcoal on canvas

152 x 102



This piece is Inspired by the drive home at dusk along my quiet country roads in the chill of Winter. The shapes of the journey, skyline and horizon a wash of meek colour not quite logical to the eye. The earth almost asleep, muted, quiet and soft, the volume of detail turned down after another frenetic modern day. The wash of the World surrounding my homecoming softly urging me towards my own rest. The sharpness of the chilled evening air, reminding me that I am alive. Expressive brushstrokes move confidently across the canvas, a journey well travelled but always born-again, new, vulnerable. Washes transmute from one tone to the next, a haze of movement and motion with the direction of home.


A regional based artist in the Barossa, my work is heavily informed by my natural rural environment and ,y experience of the elements. My work expresses my felt sense of my world, stirring a lucid resonance held in shape, line and colour. A visual expression of the unspoken, unseen moments within ordinary everyday life, tender moments of meaning and belonging to my own life’s experience.


Working in both acrylics on varying surfaces to create emotive abstracts, and in photography through my Self Pollinate print series, I aspire to transmute my human experience into works of art that speak of the very core of who I am, and therefore to the very core of the viewer, to motivate human connection without saying a word.