43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268




Digital image on photographic paper

75 x 75



In her art practice Monika Morgenstern researches mystical experiences and encounters with the numinous. Through her work she uncovers and reveals how the mystical exists in present-day society, and how these issues may be presented in a contemporary art context.


The mystical experience isn’t something vague, it is a specific form of human consciousness and it appears that even the most agnostic existence still preserves traces of a spiritual view of the world, indicating that it is a deep-seated psychological need in our species.


In her work Monika tries to approach the subject, as many artist have done before, in a minimalist, abstract format. She refers specifically to the abstract artists of the early 20s century eg. Mark Rothko and Joseph Albers; and more contemporary artists like James Turrell.


One formal attribute she has been exploring extensively in her work is the ‘Blur’. Anything that is not quite in focus seems to imply something is not quite there, not quite reachable. In her extensive research into the numinous, the notion of something being just out of reach, or focus, comes up regularly when people discuss their personal experiences of the mystical.


The optical perception of the work changes as the distance between the viewer and the artwork increases or decreases giving the viewer the opportunity to engage with the artwork before them