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Challenge #1:

A month of gratitude

Begins 1 April 2020​

Right now we need a distraction and creativity is great for the soul… so we have a challenge for you.

You have all, no doubt, had someone in your friends group taking part in the Photo A Day challenge (#fmspad). Now it's our turn to join the movement, and hopefully together we can bring a bit of joy to our beautiful community (both on and offline).


It’s pretty simple. Each month a new photo a day is revealed with daily prompts to inspire you take a photo each day. They could be words like yellow, or open, or big, or light, or food, or really anything that will get you to start thinking creatively. Each day you simply use the prompt as inspiration and take a photo. 

Don’t worry if you’re not the most awesome photographer in the world. This challenge is for everyone; beginners to brilliant. It’s not a competition.

Next, share your photo. You can share wherever you like – Facebook or Instagram. Please place the hashtag #FMSPAD and #WGPAD in your caption so we can find your photos! 

So, are you ready for the prompt?

There is just one: Gratitude.

Find something in each day to be grateful for. It can be as simple as fresh air, blue skies, food on your plate, the people in your life, the Tatiara landscape, or even … toilet paper. Whatever it is, take a photo and share it.

Be safe, be kind and stay connected.