43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268



Wire Tracks 


150 x 150



As an emerging artist, I have focused my attention on exploring the link between subjects found in the landscape and the geometric arrangement of pattern, shape and colour. Whilst there is diversity in the places my subjects are found there is a commitment to a specific process of arrangement and cutting relief blocks for printing.

This series of works start with something seen outside, between forms, through a process of elimination and selection, I try to arrive at an image that transcends the commonplace. Drawings are made and images are cut in reverse, before being printed by hand.

I like to take things that could be easily overlooked and spend time investigating and revisiting their visual qualities, arrangement and accidental possibilities. I like how long it takes to prepare a block for printing when the starting point might be from a fleeting glance. I am engaged with decision making that comes into play when using colour, ink, the printing press and different papers.

The ideas for prints start with something seen or remembered, then through drawing and experimenting with the process of printing I arrive at a composition for limited edition print.

This particular piece, I am calling ‘wire tracks’.

Think, cyclone wire fence combined with a drone aerial view of our landscape of rural country paddocks.