43 Woolshed St, Bordertown, SA 5268



RIP Mile High Club 

Oil, synthetic polymer paint and digital print on canvas with steel framing

240 x 235



Tara Rowhani-Farid is a painter; clutching at her brushes and oils, knowingly crouching in the throes of the network. Not quite born into the age of the internet but not too far from it, Rowhani-Farid grapples with the methods and tools it presents alongside those innate to traditional analogue painting in order to create works which consider how a physical painting can be used to allow for a transitory experience of both the virtual and the real.


As the internet blurs the line between the depth of art history and the ‘now’ of novelty and newness, the realities of different contemporaneities infect and bleed into one another.


RIP Mile High Club aids itself as an external screen; a place where the interaction between the virtual and real can occur. The QR-codes, embedded into the composition of the painting allow for a simple, clear connection to the network; a visual imprint on the canvas but also a functional cohabitant within the space. Within the groundless, weightless flow of information, RIP Mile High Club represents the digital, the virtual, and the real while acting as such. It hangs on the gallery walls but buzzes in its online life - existing in the network simply because it can.