Tatiara Palette


25 June - 26 July 2018

The 38th Tatiara Palette Painters (TPP)  exhibition smashed the previous attendance numbers for the annual local show, drawing 3,132 visitors - an increase of 185%. 

Each year the TPP holds an exhibition featuring paintings, drawings and scratching's whose subject matter reflect the local landscape and showcase the skills and techniques learnt throughout the year. 


This year we saw works by 17 current members, and also for the first time 10 Junior members, aged between 8 and 12 years old.   

A feature of the program was the "blank" canvases which the group painted throughout the month of local images inspired by the impressionists. These canvases will be installed in the Civic Centre foyer and will be available for purchase later in August. 

This brings the Walkway Gallery total attendance for 2017/18 to 26,723 - which makes it the highest attended year on record. Our opening year in 2011/12, our average attendance was 1,163 (per exhibition), today, that number is 4,454. 

While the "major" shows are still the highest attended, attendances are growing and maintaining across the board, as evident by the TPP numbers, which is a very exciting opportunity for the Walkway Gallery to continue showcasing our local artists amongst a national program. 



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