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16 September - 30 October 2022

Just Not Australian presents work by Australian artists at the forefront of national debate and practice. This exhibition brings together 20 artists across generations and diverse cultural backgrounds to deal broadly with the origins and implications of contemporary Australian nationhood.

Showcasing the common sensibilities of satire, larrikinism and resistance so as to present a broad exploration of race, place and belonging. Just Not Australian interrogates what it means to be Australian at this challenging point in time. 

This exhibition begins its national tour from 2020 which marks the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s first voyage to Australia, a timely moment to interrogate Australia’s colonial history and the complexities of presenting and representing national identity.

Just Not Australian was curated by Artspace and developed in partnership with Sydney Festival and Museums & Galleries of NSW. The exhibition is being toured nationally by M&G NSW touring exhibition. 

Image: LIAM BENSON Red Flag 2017, glass beads, seed beads, sequins, cotton, 30 x 59cm. Courtesy the Artist and Artereal Gallery. Photo: Zan Wimberley.