Artists are being invited to lodge a proposal to be part of the Walkway Gallery billboard project. The project presents an opportunity for artists to display their work in a high-profile format on the Dukes Highway. 

It is open to all artists, groups or collectives. 

This project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia. 

Artwork specifics


Billboard #1 
Location: Dukes Highway, Bordertown
Size: 3600mm x 1800mm
Materials: 1 x vinyl printed on composite panel 


Billboard #2 
Location: Dukes Highway, Keith
Size: 4825mm x 2345mm
Materials: 2 x PVC banners


Fees & Payment  

The two awarded artists will each receive $3,000 (ex GST) artist fee + food, travel & accommodation allowance. 

Proposal Process

Submit a draft proposal outlining your idea, including what it will be, your preferred location and a sketch, photograph, design or drawing of what you are proposing. 

You will also need to include:

  • Your ABN (if you have one)

  • If you are registered for GST

  • CV, website and preferred social media

  • Examples of previous work

  • 200-500 words explaining your proposal

  • Acknowledgment of project guidelines 

Draft submissions will be shortlisted by a panel. Those applicants whose submissions that have been shortlisted will then work with the Gallery Director to finalise their submission, including photographing the work for reproduction and adding logos, social media and acknowledgments for the final design. 

Email your proposal to or post it to Walkway Gallery, PO BOX 346, Bordertown, SA 5268. 

Call 08 8752 1044 if you have questions. 

Some things to remember....

You are encouraged to create new work. 

Proposals will be assessed by their ability to culturally enrich the Tatiara, build community and cultural capacity and encourage cultural tourism. The panel will be looking for engaging and ambitious ideas that will excite the residents and visitors to the Tatiara. 

The work must be original and must not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party. We reserve the right to refuse any proposal that is offensive, demeaning or culturally inappropriate.

All images must fit the billboard without the use of “black bars” or borders that compensate for images that do not fit the aspect ratio. Please do not skew the image to force it into the required space. 

Both billboards are located in high-traffic areas and we anticipate each artwork will be displayed for approximately 6-9 months. 

When pitching the work, keep in mind viewers both passing by in cars and those looking from a stationary location. 

If you are including text in your design, as a general rule, bigger is better. A strong colour contrast between the text and the background makes it easier to read, as does simplicity. Thin, delicate fonts tend to disappear from a distance and a busy pattern behind text will make it even harder to read.

The gallery will generate extensive digital content to engage the public with the art on view and hope to present a series of public virtual programs with audience Q&A.

You can choose to display your full name and preferred social media handle on the billboard, alongside the wayfinding information to the Walkway Gallery.  You will be consulted on the final design.

It’s likely your artwork will be used for marketing and promotional purposes for Tatiara District Council and Walkway Gallery on all media channels. You will be appropriately acknowledged. 

Applications open: NOW
Draft proposal due: 1 August 2022
Applicants notified: 12 August 2022
Final submissions due: 9 September 2022
Launch of project: 30 September - 17 October 202